I first met Lisette Model in 1961 when I enrolled in her Photography class at the New School. The class consisted of her assigning photo projects one week and critiquing the results the following week. She also had guest speakers and field trips. I can recall Alexy Brodovitch speaking one week and Richard Avedon another week. After completing the New School course, I took private lessons at her apartment in Greenwich Village. Some of the projects she assigned were Sammy's Bowery Follies and Coney Island where she accompanied me. Since I can't seem to find many, if any, pictures of Lisette on the Web (one that I did find was one of her photographs the subject of which was misidentified as her), I am posting a few here. One was taken at her apartment where she is posing in front of one of her husband's paintings. The others were at Coney Island, two where she was sitting across from me in the back of Nathan's and the other where she is resting and chatting with one of the patrons at a Skee Ball Arcade.

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