In 1967 we published The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Child Care and Guidance. This work was previously published by Doubleday as a one volume book devoid of illustrations. It was our intention to add photographs, color illustrations and repackage the work as a multi-volume set for Direct Mail promotion. We arranged with noted child photographer Suzanne Szasz to illustrate the entries with photos from her existing photographic files. In addition to individual photos for specific entry illustration, we also created photo stories or mini photo essays to illustrate more complex subjects. Since my son who was four years old at that time was about to enter Nursery School, I documented his first day and used these photos for a photo story on Nursery School.

A child about to attend nursery school is leaving his parents probably for the first time. It is a critical step in his emotional and social development. For the child to realize that he can get along safely and happily without his mother's constant presence is in itself important. Up till now, the child has been completely dependent upon his mother; he has counted on her to get him the things he needs and wants, to help him do the things he should do, and to stop him from doing the things he shouldn't do. If he is an only child, he has also been the center of his own little universe, and the grownups in his life have been there for his exclusive benefit.